Mrs Dr. med. Hatun Timur
Institute General Practitioner
and Emergency Medicine

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   Klinik Im Park - Zürich
Klinik Im Park is a friendly private clinic of the highest standard in an idyllic setting near Lake Zurich. Our 30 centres of excellence with over 280 experienced specialists and our professional and attentive care ensure that we provide top medical services. We take the same pride in our first-class hospitality and gastronomy.

   China-Med Zürich
Praxis Frau Miriam Zoccolan Certified acupuncturist TCM FVS and herbalist. The ChinaMed Group is the most important organization that has had centers for traditional Chinese medicine in Switzerland since 1998. Hottingerstrasse 14 - 8032 Zürich

   Marini Pauli
Med. Kosmetikerin Inhaberin, Derma- Pigmentologin

Nice Again Center, Cosmetics & skin therapy. In the immediate vicinity of the Zurich Kunsthaus, I offer you high-quality skin care concepts in the cosmetic-medical field. Hottingerstrasse 14 - 8032 Zürich

   Praxis Dr. med. Paech
Surgery and sports medicine in Zurich and Schaffhausen. Our surgical practice offers treatment of sports injuries, sports medical advice, trauma surgery, knee surgery, manual therapy for back pain and joint problems, sports traumatology, general surgery, foot surgery, hand surgery and physiotherapy.

PD Dr. med. Michael O. Kurrer.
In the heart of Zurich. We accept samples from the entire spectrum of medicine and surgery - including samples from your specialist areas. Our expertise, our technical equipment and our personal commitment guarantee a standard at the highest level.

   CardioFatio - Dr. med. Renata Fatio
FMH Cardiology, FMH Internal Medicine. My practice is located in the heart of Zurich. I offer consultancy in Cardiology, as well in Internal Medicine.

   Mr. Zoran Zekanovic
Physiotherapy practice Rämi - Zurich. Therapies prescribed by a doctor are covered by the basic health insurance and the respective accident insurance.

   DOCTENA - Medical Booking
Find and book a medical appointment. It's quick, easy and free.



Mrs Dr. med. Hatun Timur
Medical Management, General Practitioner and Emergency Medicine

E-Mail Appointment

Reservation by telephone is mandatory

Hottingerstrasse 14
CH-8032 Zurich
Tel: 044 401 14 14
Fax: 044 401 14 15
Mobile: 079 95 600 91

Opening hours:

Normal appointments:
Monday to Friday
9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Special appointments:
Is possible after consultation with our doctors

Emergency appointments:
An appointment on the same day is only possible in an emergency

No appointments will be made and no calls will be answered between 13:00 and 14:00
Telephone consultation possible every day

German, English, Italian, Kurdish, Turkish

In addition, our staff speaks:
Greek, Arabic, Serbian, Albanian, Croatian, Spanish, Portuguese.


We speak English

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